Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cert Granted on Kiyemba

IT'S ON PEOPLE!!! Voodoo's favorite detainee case will be heard by the Supreme Court some time in February or March. It's been a long road. The Court tried desperately to give the government more time to get all of the petitioners in the case out of Gitmo, but it was unable to do so. The government will have until the day the Court decides the case to transfer the remaining Uighurs out of Gitmo thereby making the case moot and allowing the Court to not decide the major issue in the case. If the Court does decide the major issue then we will have an answer as to whether the government must release into the U.S. Gitmo prisoners that have prevailed in their habeas challenges. However the Court comes out on the case there will be a major outcry. Stay tuned.

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