Thursday, July 9, 2009

Al Qaeda in Africa

It's bar exam crunch time right now so I apologize for not posting very much. Just saw this New York Times article about increased Al Qaeda activity in North Africa. In the recent weeks attacks against Westerners and local residents have increased in Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali. The article says that the groups there are less ideologically motivated than they are economically motivated, but that doesn't seem to stem the severity of the attacks.

No matter what motivates them, I think Africa is the logical place for AQ to move to. As I've said in past posts, it is already happening in Somalia. The elements that make Somalia an ideal place for AQ to grab a foothold are present in numerous other African nations like the ones named in this article.

In other news, there have been a couple of developments on the legal front of national security, but I get my fill of legal content every day so it's hard to summon the motivation to read more of it. I will try to post something about them soon.

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