Thursday, July 2, 2009

Glenn Beck and Michael Scheuer Have a Chat... Insanity Ensues

Even when I don't have time to ridicule Glenn's show he still finds a way to get on to this blog. There is one key difference in this post and the other Glenn-based posts, and that difference is that Glenn is not the craziest person involved this time. Extremism is supplied to us in this instance by former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer. For those of you unfamiliar with Scheuer he was in charge of a CIA program dedicated to tracking Osama Bin Laden ("OBL") called "Alec Station." He has since left the Agency, but he remains vocal (understatement) about national security matters. In this interview with Glenn he says that the only chance this country has is for OBL to successfully use a weapon of mass destruction against the United States. He then goes on to insinuate that the U.S. has not used the necessary amount of violence to protect itself since 9/11.

If these statements strike you as odd you are not alone. Voodoo is with you on that one my friend. For starters I find it odd that a WMD attack will make this country more safe. For some crazy reason I feel that it would make the country less safe. For example, New York City, as it exists now, would be a lovely and relatively safe place for a visit this summer. I encourage you to take your family there. On the other hand if terrorists detonated a nuclear weapon in Manhattan tomorrow your choice of vacation spot would be slightly less picturesque and safe as there would be possibly millions of dead bodies there, and the resulting nuclear fallout would render the city uninhabitable for the next 20 years. Under these circumstances I would not recommend you take your family there. Based on these facts I will put my reputation on the line and say that NYC, and the U.S. as a whole, is definitely safer now than it would be in the event of a WMD attack. I will also respectfully disagree with the implication that the U.S. has not used the requisite amount of violence to protect itself. Some might even say we've used too much seeing as how we've started wars in two different countries (three if you count the move to Pakistan) that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of soldiers, terrorists, and civilians. We also tortured a bunch of people.

In conclusion: 1) We are safer in the absence of a WMD attack; and 2) Starting two wars and torturing people is, at the very least, a reasonable reaction to terrorism. These are just my thoughts of course. Voodoo encourages debate so if you feel that Scheuer is the only voice of reason left in this crazy, pansy-ass country let me know.

Oh and of course, welcome back Glenn.

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