Thursday, June 11, 2009

Four Uighurs Leave Gitmo

It's looking more and more like the government is going to do it's utmost to get all 17 Uighur prisoner out of Gitmo and resettled in other countries. Of course, this has been what they've been trying to do for years but it hasn't worked. Either fortune is smiling on the Obama administration or they are working major overtime because today 4 of the 17 of the Uighurs left Gitmo to be resettled in Bermuda. This follows closely on the heels of a report a couple days ago that the government may be close to a deal with the Pacific island of Palau to resettle the Uighurs there. I don't know if the government is intentionally trying to provide them with resettlement in the beautiful, tropical climes but that seems to be the way it might work out.

Interestingly, neither China nor Great Britain is happy with this news. The New York Times reports that China objects to the resettlement of the Uighurs and is demanding that they be returned to China to stand trial on terrorism charges. This is not news, China has demanded the Uighurs back for years, but that is not going to happen because, as I've said before, interntional law prevents the U.S. from transferring prisoners to a country where it knows they will be executed or tortured. Britain is upset because Bermuda is still a British territory and the government in Bermuda decided not to tell the British government that they were accepting the Uighurs. Oops. Surprise!!!

I'm telling you, it is in the government's best interest to get on its horse and get all 17 Uighurs out of Gitmo before cert is granted in the pending Kiyemba case or before the Court has to rule on it. Any decision by the Court on that case could be extremely controversial and could pose lots of problems for the government.

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