Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Kiyemba Update I Swear

I just saw this New York Times article saying that the U.S. may be making progress towards settling the Uighurs. Apparently the State Department is looking at Australia and... wait for it... Palau. Ahhhhh Palau. The sunshine state? Actually it would be the sunshine former U.S. trust territory (it was a U.S. trust territory until it got independence in 1994). Rolls right off the tongue doesn't it. Anyways, this is great news for the Obama adminstration and potentially the Supreme Court. If a deal can be reached to remove all of the Uighurs before Kiyemba gets cert or before a decision is rendered in the case then the Court can get rid of it on mootness grounds. This would save the Court from having to make a very tough decision and would give the Obama administration a little breathing room as well.

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