Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walking (All Over) The Plank

Look at this story from The Plank talking about how al Qaeda is getting out of hand in Somalia. Ooooooooo, nice job Plank. Too bad you are about a month behind Voodoo since I brought up this point in a May 22nd post. I've also posted two more times (here and here) about the deteriorating conditions in Somalia both of which are mentioned in The Plank's post. What's up now Plank? I'm studying for the bar and I still have time to own you.

Also. Just to show you I'm staying on my J-O-B, and that Plank resting on its laurels, the New York Time reports a suicide car bomb killed a Somali security minister and 19 others today in Mogadishu (the picture on this article is terrifying). Stick with Voodoo folks.

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