Wednesday, April 22, 2009

State of Play

Alright, I'm not turning this blog into pop culture commentary, but I have to talk about the new movie State of Play. First, this is a great movie. It keeps you interested from minute one. Secondly, one of the players in the movie is a fictitious private security contractor, PointCorp, and the allusions to the real world private security contracter Blackwater are shameless. You should know that I've been very interested in Blackwater's shennanigan for the past few years so I was a little predisposed to notice these things. Here is a list of similarities:

1) The PointCorp logo is a target around an eagle, similar to Blackwater's target around a bear paw.

2) PointCorp's CEO's first name was Erik, similar to Blackwater's founder Erik Prince.

3) PointCorp owned a 60,000 acre facility in northeastern North Carolina, similar to Blackwater's enormous compound in Moyock, NC.

4) PointCorp was hired to conduct operations in post-Katrina New Orleans just like Blackwater.

There may be more similarities, but these were the ones that jumped out at me. I just thought it was very interesting the lengths they went to to make PointCorp just like Blackwater. In summary, go see the movie.

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